Treemap Chart for Part to Whole Comparison

Use this treemap chart PowerPoint template to compare and analyze how each part contributes to the whole.

Chart Template for PowerPoint


Treemap Chart


Part to Whole, Proportions

How to use and edit this chart template

To edit this chart template, execute following steps.

  1. Right click on the chart to open chart menu. Click Edit Data. This will open the linked Excel sheet (see video below).
  2. Enter your data in cells highlighted in blue color. 
  3. You can add your data manually or copy data from Excel or any other data source. 
  4. Close the Excel sheet.
  5. Restyle and customize to change text, fonts, colors etc. to match your brand guidelines, corporate identity / corporate design and preferences. 
  6. Modify the template for your own use case, industry or job function. Easily change, add or delete categories and corresponding data series, if you have more/less data than provided in this ready-to-use template.
  7. File format: PPTX. This template is compatible with Office 365, PowerPoint 2016 and above.

Use case example: Revenue by geography / country

The Treemap chart in above example visualizes and compares share of total revenue generated by an organization from each of the 13 countries it operates in (thus showing part to whole relationship).

In this Treemap chart, each rectangle represents a category (country in this example). Size of each rectangle is determined by its data value, in relation to other categories. The larger the value, larger is the area of rectangle. In addition to rectangle area, proportions are displayed also by varying column widths. 

Simply by looking at the column widths, audience can make out that close to 50% of the total revenue is contributed by 4 countries – US, India, China and UK. The other ~50% of the revenue is generated from remaining 9 countries, with UAE being the smallest contributor. 


% revenue from country = (Revenue from country / Total revenue) x 100

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