Pie of Pie Chart Template

Use this pie of pie chart PowerPoint template to visualize proportions as part of the whole with smaller categories grouped as ‘other’ in a child Pie chart.


Pie of Pie Chart


Part of Whole, Proportions, Composition

Use case example: Revenue by original source

The pie of pie chart above presents a high level view of proportions of total number of leads generated by an organization from each of the 8 lead generation / origination sources. 

Pie chart tends to get cluttered and difficult to read when there are more than 5 – 6 categories. This limitation can be overcome by using pie of pie chart in which smaller categories are clubbed as ‘other’ and shown in a secondary pie chart (as a part of primary pie chart). 

Another similar chart option is Bar of Pie Chart.

How to use and edit this chart template

To edit this chart template, execute following steps.

  1. Right click on the chart to open chart menu. Click Edit Data. This will open the linked Excel sheet (see video below).
  2. Enter your data in cells marked in blue color. 
  3. You can add your data manually or copy data from Excel or any other data source. 
  4. Close the Excel sheet.
  5. You can change the series split options by position, value, percentage or custom. To accomplish this, in PowerPoint, go to Format Data Series > Series Options > Split series by. (See it in action in the video below).
  6. File format: PPTX. Compatible with PowerPoint 2013 and above.

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