Multi-Series Line Chart with Icons and Markers PowerPoint Template

Use this multi-series line chart PowerPoint template to visualize and compare trends over equal intervals of time using relevant icons and preformatted markers, for an engaging and visually appealing presentation.


Line Chart / Line Graph


Trends over Time, Comparison

Use case example: Social media campaign reach

The line chart example above shows social media campaign reach over last eight months. In this example, the data is analyzed for four social media platforms – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

With a glance at the chart, we can see that Facebook and Twitter reach is largely plateaued, LinkedIn reach is decreasing and Instagram reach is rapidly growing.

This multi-series line chart plots time intervals (months in this example) on X-axis and corresponding numeric values on Y-axis (social media reach in this example). Each data series is colored differently with matching markers at each period for easy visual distinction. 

This chart template also features icons belonging to each data series, nicely placed at the beginning of the line. This innovative representation of data series not only makes the chart visually appealing and engaging but also improves readability. This smart placement of icons also eliminates a need for separate legend, thus reducing clutter in the chart. You can of course change the icons according to your needs (additional icons are provided in the template). 

How to use and edit this chart template

To edit this chart template, execute following steps.

  1. Right click on the chart to open chart menu. Click Edit Data. This will open the linked Excel sheet (see video below).
  2. Enter categories in column A. They are plotted on X-axis.
  3. Enter corresponding series data in cells highlighted in blue color. This is plotted on the Y-axis.
  4. Close the Excel sheet.
  5. File format: PPTX. Compatible with PowerPoint 2010 and above.

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