Investor Update Template

PowerPoint Templates to Make Your Investor Updates Visual, Faster and Easier

You don't have to create your investor update report from scratch

Creating a professional report can be a time consuming task but it’s also one of the most important tasks for healthy investor relations. As busy founders, you don’t want to spend several hours every month in creating professional charts for your chosen metrics.

Investors receive monthly updates from a lot of startups and they do not have time to read through lengthy textual emails and reports. Visual charts are not only easy to process but they also highlight trends, provide context and help investors guide your company.

To make your reporting visual, easier and faster, we have created data-driven templates for all key metrics, so that you don’t have to start from scratch. Simply add your data manually or copy data from any source (e.g. Excel), and you are ready with professional charts that your investors want to see.

Investor Update Report Templates

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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Metrics

1. Revenue Against Goal

2. Average Revenue

Average monthly revenue = [ (Revenue in month 1 + month 2 + month 3 + … + month n) / Number of months ]

In this chart template, average monthly revenue is derived from absolute numbers using formulas.

3. Percentage Revenue Growth Month-over-Month

% Revenue Growth = [ (Revenue in this month – Revenue in previous month) / Revenue in previous month ] x 100

In this chart template;

  • Percentage growth (positive or negative / increase or decrease) is derived from absolute numbers using formulas.
  • Columns with negative growth are automatically highlighted in a different color.

4. Revenue: Actual and Forecast

Revenue Overachieved or Underachieved = Actual revenue – Forecast revenue

In this chart template;

  • Difference between actual and forecast revenue is derived from absolute values using formulas and
  • The overachieved/underachieved portion is automatically highlighted in different colors.

5. Revenue: This year vs. last year

Comparison of revenue with previous period offers context and shows increase/decrease over last year.

6. Percentage revenue from new customers

Percentage Revenue from New Customers = [ Revenue from new customers / (Revenue from existing customers + Revenue from new customers) ] x 100

In this chart template, revenue from new customers is derived from absolute numbers using formulas.

7. Total revenue and Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)

Average Revenue Per User = Total operating revenue / Number of users

In this template, ARPU values are derived from absolute values.

8. Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

Net MRR = New MRR + Expansion MRR – Lost MRR

Net MRR = (No. of new customers * Average revenue per user per month) + (No. of existing customers * Average revenue per user per month) – (No. of lost customers * Average revenue per user per month)

Non-recurring, one-off charges such as set-up fee should be excluded from MRR calculations. 

9. Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) and Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR)

Net ARR = New ARR + Expansion ARR – Lost ARR

ARR is used when the term of contract is at least a year or more. Any subscriptions with less than one-year term should be excluded from ARR.

Similar to MRR, all non-recurring, one-off charges such as set-up fee should be excluded from ARR calculations.

10. Gross and Net Burn

Gross Burn = Amount of cash a company is spending each month

Net Burn = Amount of money a company is losing each month.

Net Burn = Gross burn – Revenue

In this template, net burn is derived from gross burn and revenue.

11. Cash on Hand and Months of Runway

Months of Runway = Cash in bank / Burn rate

12. Number of Users: Actual and Forecast

13. Number of Users, Paying Users and Percentage Paying Users

Percentage Paying Users = (Number of paying users / Total number of users) * 100

In this template, percentage of paying users is derived from absolute values.

14. New Customers Acquired

Percentage New Customers Acquired = [ No. of new customers / (No. of existing customers + No. of new customers) ] * 100

In this chart template, percentage new customers value is derived from absolute numbers.

15. Customer Base

Net Customers = Existing customer base + Renewals + New customers – Cancellations

16. Churn Rate

Customer churn rate is the percentage of total customers who chose to cancel their subscriptions during the period.

Churn Rate = (Number of customers lost / Total number of customers) * 100

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PowerPoint Chart Template | Ecommerce Transaction Analysis Histogram


Histogram showing purchase value bins of 100 E-commerce transactions for an online store. (this template requires PowerPoint 2016 or Office 365)