Key Features

Create beautiful custom reports, dashboards and presentations in 3 steps

  • Choose Template
  • Add or Copy Data
  • Customize

Chart Features

  • Excel based datasheet with formulas and comments for ease of understanding data set-up.
  • 100% data driven chart templates for your own use cases, irrespective of industry and job function.
  • Percentages and averages derived from absolute values (auto calculated using formulas).
  • Add your data manually or copy data from any existing data source (for example, Excel).
  • Single series and multi-series charts with different measurement units.
  • Charts with single and dual X-axis and dual Y-axis.
  • Elegant and professional designs, in accordance with data visualization principles.
  • Fully customizable: Change text, fonts and colors of every chart element.
  • Easily add or delete data, if you have more/less data than provided in the ready-to-use templates.
  • Pre-formatted auto-placed markers with connectors and data labels.
  • Different formatting for absolute numbers, averages and percentage values.
  • Easily resize, copy and paste charts in your own corporate presentation template.