PowerPoint Chart Templates That Make Charting Painless

AhaPitch offers beautiful, improvised and professionally formatted PowerPoint chart templates that make the process of creating charts easy and fast. Spend less time on creating charts and more time doing the work you love.

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100+ templates, endless solutions​

Whether creating sales and marketing report, tracking finance or HR metrics or analyzing SaaS and project management performance, professionals rely on AhaPitch charts to get more done in less time.


Right chart type for right use case

Whether analyzing trends or correlations, comparing values or presenting composition and distribution, AhaPitch charts is what you need to bring your data story to life

Turn your data into knowledge and knowledge into insight, and present it with the right chart type.

Create any chart in 3 easy steps

Choose a template, add or copy data from any data source and customize to match your brand guidelines and preferences. 

Every AhaPitch chart is Excel linked (100% data driven) and fully customizable within PowerPoint.

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